Acquired Brain Injury Care Services


Drake Medox provides high and complex care services for individuals at home and within the community. Our services can range from only a few hours a day up to 24-hour support. Our values and ethos are built on the foundations of respect, dignity and professionalism.  The complex nature of the brain means that people with an ABI can experience a wide range of physical, mental, sensory, behavioural and emotional symptoms. The recovery and care after brain injury differs from person to person due to of the variations in where the brain is injured and extent of the brain injury.


Our complex care team work closely with each individual and their family members, other health professionals, as well as community agencies to develop and implement a person-centred support plan for our clients. The individual is always at the centre of planning, and we seek preferences and input throughout the entire process.


We have a team of qualified support staff who have extensive experience and specialise in high and complex behavioural needs. Working with the individual, our team develops goal-orientated support plans with a strong focus around independence, encouragement, mobility and personal care along with the development of new skills for our ABI clients. Our clients and their families are also encouraged to be part of the recruitment process of our teams – each disability support team is recruited based on the specific care requirements and unique needs of the client. In addition to clinical care, we provide wider support, including social interaction and involvement in interests and activities that can help support emotional wellbeing and quality of life for clients and their families that have been affected by ABI. Ultimately, our goal is to expand each person’s participation in all aspects of everyday life.

For a no-obligation discussion about our acquired brain injury care services, please call our team on 1300 360 070 or submit an enquiry today.  We’d love to hear from you.


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