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Looking for a new homecare provider? At Drake Medox, we are committed to making the process as smooth and seamless for our clients as possible. If you or a loved one are currently receiving support at home and are looking at changing care providers, Drake Medox offers a structured and proven transition process. Our highly knowledgeable team ensures continuity of service whilst minimising any stress or worry during the transition phase – even when 24/7 complex care is required.

When a new client changes care providers to Drake Medox, our transition time frame typically takes between 4-6 weeks. Working closely with our dedicated Client Relationship Consultant, we partner with you to develop a personalised plan that includes weekly milestones and aligned to a set and agreed upon transition date.  Every detail is covered in the transition plan including care plans, rosters, recruitment, meet and greets and extensive training. The end result is a seamless transition with no impact on care levels.

Our Transition Plan

WEEK 1-2

WEEK 1-2

  • Learning About You - Getting educated on your specific social & clinical needs.
  • Current Roster - Analysing current roster gaps to address recruitment needs.
  • Recruitment - Placing advertisements & start the recruitment process.
  • Care Plan – Developed in consultation with you and our Clinical Coordinator.
  • Current Staff Retention - Identify current staff you’d like to retain.
  • Future Start Date - Agreed upon start date.
WEEK 2-4

WEEK 2-4

  • Selection of Staff – Be part of the selection process for the new team.
  • Meet & Greets – Meet & greets with new staff members.
  • Staff Transition – Registration packs to the retained staff.
  • Client Education – Engage with current allied health team for client education to new staff.
  • Training & Buddy Shifts - Scheduling ‘on the job’ training for weeks 4-6
WEEK 4-6

WEEK 4-6

  • Training - Includes manual handling, care plan and client specific induction.
  • Roster - Developed 2 weeks prior to the start date.
  • First shifts - Buddy Shifts to begin.
  • Meeting - Drake Medox team to finalise the transition.
  • Commence - Full care & support services start with Drake Medox.

And You Are Now Off and Running with a Fresh Start!!


At Drake Medox, we work extra hard to make sure your new start is a positive experience, and goals are reached, lives are enriched, and individuals are living their absolute best life.

If you’re looking for a new homecare provider that can better fulfil your needs, we would value the opportunity to speak with you about how we can partner with you or your loved one to develop the very best support and care at home. Call our experienced homecare team for a seamless transition on 1300 360 070.


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