Dual Diagnosis Care Services


People with a dual diagnosis face a number of complex challenges and require an integrated approach to care and support services  We are specialists in high and complex needs and work closely with a number of clients to provide the integrated support they need.

As the management and care of dual diagnosis differs from person-to-person, our first and foremost focus is understanding the support requirements. Our complex care team work closely with each individual, family members, other health professionals as well as community agencies to develop and implement a person-centred support plan. The individual is always at the centre of planning, and we seek preferences and input throughout the entire process.


One of the truly great things about Drake Medox is our trusted team of experienced nursing and disability support staff who specialise in high and complex behavioural needs. All have undergone our extensive recruitment and induction processes, ensuring they have the right skills and personal attributes to work with you and your loved ones. Our care team are also provided with ongoing education and learning opportunities.


Our clients and families are also encouraged to be part of the recruitment process – each disability support team is recruited based on the specific care requirements and unique needs of the client.

In addition to clinical support, we offer other aspects of care including social interaction and involvement in interests and activities, which can help support emotional wellbeing and quality of life for clients and their families. Ultimately, our goal is to expand each person’s participation in all aspects of everyday life.

For a no-obligation discussion on our dual diagnosis care services, please call our team on 1300 360 070 or submit an enquiry today.  We’d love to hear from you.


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