Early onset-Dementia


Drake Medox provides homecare and support for individuals and family members who are in the early stage of onset dementia. Our personalised professional care services can be for a few hours a day to providing a 24/7-hour support programme.

Symptoms vary from person-to-person depending on which part of the brain has been impacted and can include impairments in thought, communication, confusion, or memory loss. Dementia is not exclusive to those living in their golden years, although uncommon, early onset dementia can occur to a person aged in their 40s and 50s.

For someone diagnosed with early onset dementia, it can be a challenging and difficult time for the family. The person may have been in full-time employment or raising a young family, however, with cognitive treatment and early diagnosis it is possible to slow the progression of the disease.


The role of a Drake Medox professional is an important one – to provide a personalised, goal-orientated support plan with a strong focus on independence and preparing for the client’s future. Drake Medox has a team of skilled and qualified health professionals who have extensive experience in caring for people with dementia in their home.


Our strength lies in our ability to find, select, and match the right staff to the people we support. We do this by encouraging families to be actively involved in the recruitment process. It is important that our staff not only have the professional skills, but also have similar attributes to work harmoniously with clients and their families.

It is our goal enrich the lives of our clients and families, by providing a personalised support programme built around our clients’ specific needs. The Drake Medox service also provides families and loved ones with peace of mind knowing that a high level of professional care and support is being provided at all times.


For a no-obligation discussion about our early on set dementia in-home care services, please call our team on 1300 360 070 or  submit an enquiry today.  We’d love to hear from you.


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