Spinal Cord Injury Care Services


For more than 40 years, Drake Medox has been supporting clients with spinal cord injuries. As a leading specialist in high and complex care, we have extensive experience providing 24-hour care to a high number of individuals across Australia. Our experienced nursing and disability support staff are fully trained in the use of specialist spinal cord injury interventions and therapies including:

  • Bowel and bladder continence management
  • Respiratory management; including long-term ventilation management, Tracheostomy care and management, Oropharyngeal suction and airway secretion care, cough assist and specialised respiratory interventions.
  • Monitoring clients with an injury at T6 or above.
  • Nutrition management; including PEG/PEGJ management and care.
  • Pressure area care/ulcer prevention and skin integrity management
  • Mobility support
  • Range of motion exercises by implementation of specialised physiotherapy training plans.
  • Medication

Our services are person-centred and matched to your own personal circumstances with a singular focus on supporting you to live independently and safely in the comfort of your own home. In additional to meeting your medical needs, our disability support team provide other aspects of care including communication, personal care, housekeeping, social interaction and companionship.

We have experience in transitioning clients from hospitals and residential care to home settings, Our detailed understanding of each client and the way they are affected enables us to select trained and qualified carers experienced in spinal cord injury support, tailored to a specific client's needs. Our ability to find, select and match a disability support team who not only have the professional skills but also the personal attributes ensures we maximise independence and quality of life for our clients. In consultation with our client and family, we work to ensure all aspects of care are not only “person-centred” but also have a strong focus on each person’s own individual interests, goals and personal aspirations. Our clients and families whether they are in Darwin or Melbourne are also encouraged to be part of the recruitment process. 

Our 24-hour support service is designed to ensure the highest level of responsiveness. The Drake Medox service also provides families and loved ones with peace of mind knowing that a high level of professional care and support is being provided around the clock.

For a no-obligation discussion about spinal injury homecare support, please call our team on 1300 360 070 or submit an enquiry.  We’d love to hear from you.



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